Our Story


The story of Schwanen Garten started back in 1994. The name Schwanen Garten comes from “Schwanen Garten”, which means “Swan’s Garden” in German. It was inspired by Andersen's story “The Ugly Duckling”, recalling the period when Schwanen Garten’s two founders were a young couple. 

When our founder, Sung Hyun turned 23 years old, he went to Russia to study as an exchange student and met his life partner Suan who is a co-founder of the brand. After their marriage, Suan’s mother passed away from cancer. The couple became interested in alternative and preventive medicine. Specifically, they paid great attention to immunity and soon discovered that it is highly related to antioxidation. Moreover, they recognized that the antioxidative substance consumed naturally during a long period of time helps bolster immunity significantly.

This acknowledgment has fueled their research on the effect of antioxidation on humans.  

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When Suan was studying her PhD in Korea, she experienced some serious complications during the birth of her second child. By overcoming it, they strengthened their belief that “strong immunity” is the key to the precondition of wellness. 

At first, they wanted to apply their research to antioxidant supplements, however, an experience at a beauty expo convinced them that their very own antioxidant formula could be applied to anti-aging skincare products. Shortly after, they started an extensive process of applying all of their knowledge and potent formula into cosmetics. The more they studied, the more they realized that making “cosmetics” is the “art” of harmonizing ingredients, and became confident in mastering the art. 

After years of countless trials in the lab, they've succeeded in making skincare products with their own recipe and patent ingredient complex. 

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New York

Sung Hyun’s business trip to New York was a turning point for Schwanen Garten to become a “Clean Beauty” brand. 

The two founders did have a vision of going green with a natural formula for Schwanen Garten, but with no specific guidelines. Once they become aware of the concept of clean beauty in the US, they had a genuine consideration of going clean and how this falls under our philosophy and brand identity. 

They started thinking beyond clean beauty, out of respect of life on earth, such as veganism, cruelty-free movements, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) to protect the forest, while being environmentally conscious by not using any harmful material to both human and environment. In addition to our belief in clean beauty, our interpretation of clean beauty is not a segregating tool against other non-clean beauty brands. It is rather a category with its own value that offers more options for customers who are seeking the same value. 

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