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At the age of 23, Sung Hyun traveled to Saint Petersburg, Russia as an exchange student where he met his life partner Suan. Shortly after getting married, Suan’s mother tragically passed away from cancer, driving the couple to begin extensively researching alternative and preventive medicines. They specifically focused on the body’s immunity and its distinct connection to antioxidation, the termination of the chemical reaction that can produce free radicals and lead to cell damage. They recognized the critical role of consuming antioxidants in helping to significantly bolster immunity.

This acknowledgement fueled their research on the effects of antioxidation in humans.

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Sung Hyun and Suan's studies in immunity and antioxidation made the greatest progress in Seoul, South Korea. Following their study abroad in Russia, the two founders continued their research on the thesis that a strong immunity rich in antioxidants is the key to true wellness.

Following years of countless trials in their own lab, Sung Hyun and Suan finally developed the Schwanen Garten skincare range harnessing their naturally-derived antioxidant formula in Seoul, the heart of skincare innovation.

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New York

The founders then adopted their own clean beauty philosophy after a business trip to New York in 2018, and the Schwanen Garten skincare range was born.  

Having already built the brand on a foundation of natural ingredients, this was a genuine next step to forge their identity as a skincare brand that is safe for humans and the planet.

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